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Our former student Venancio Calero presents his PhD Thesis at FEMTO-ST Institute

VenancioOur former student Venacio Calero, presented his PhD Thesis entitled “Antenne à cristal photonique électro-optique pour la détection de fréquences électromagnétiques”, supervised by María Pilar Bernal and Nadège Courjal at the FEMTO-ST Institute, in Besançon (France), on December 19th, 2017.

Ignacio Moreno attended the defense and participated as a member of the jury.



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New paper in Optics Express about dual polarization split lenses

OptExpressWe published a new paper in Optics Express where we report the realization of polarization sensitive split lens configurations. We propose and demonstrate the generalization of the split lens concept to vectorial split lenses, leading to light patterns with customized intensity and state of polarization. We demonstrate how these polarization split lenses can be experimentally implemented by means of an optical system using two liquid crystal spatial light modulators, each one phase modulating one orthogonal polarization component.

The proposed technique is a simple method to generate structured light beams with polarization diversity, with potential applications in polarimetry, customized illuminators or quantum optics.

This work has been published in Optics Express, entitled Dual polarization split lenses. The work has been developed in collaboration with our friends at the Departamento de Ciencias Físicas, Universidad de la Frontera (Chile) and our friends at Departamento de Física de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. This is the third paper resulting from the Thesis of the PhD student Aarón Cofré.


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New paper in OLT with a new polarization grating based single shot polarimeter

OLTWe developed a quantitative analysis of the performance of a complete snapshot polarimeter based on a polarization diffraction grating (PDGr). The work has been published in the paper entitled Quantitative performance of a polarization diffraction grating polarimeter encoded onto two liquid-crystal-on-silicon displays, published at the journal Optics & Laser technology.

The PDGr is generated in a common path polarization interferometer with a Z optical architecture that uses two liquid-crystal on silicon (LCoS) displays. The programmable PDGr is capable to act as a simultaneous polarization state generator (PSG), yielding diffraction orders with different states of polarization. The same system is also shown to operate as a polarization state analyzer (PSA), therefore useful for the realization of a snapshot polarimeter. We analyze its performance using quantitative metrics such as the conditional number.

This work has been developed in collaboration with our friends at the Departamento de Ciencias Físicas, Universidad de la Frontera (Chile) and our friends at Departamento de Física de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. And it will part of the PhD Thesis of Aarón Cofré.

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Pedro Martínez and Jordi Gomis successfully defend their Master degree thesis on the development of a digital spectrum generator

Pedro y JordiMaster students Pedro Martínez and Jordi Gomis successfully defended their respective Master degree thesis on March 3rd 2016, to obtain the Master degree in Solar & Renewable Energy from UMH.

They both developed their master thesis within TecnOpto Lab, supervised by Ignacio Moreno, in the development of a spectral control system based on a super continuum laser source modulated by means of a liquid crystal spatial light modulator. They both received the maximum grade for their work.

Pedro’s work was entitled “Study of liquid crystal modulators for the realization of a digital artificial and solar spectrum generator”, while Jordi’s work was entitled “Advanced optical system for the generation of digital spectra. Application as a solar simulator and source for testing detectors”.




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Aida Sánchez Meroño defends her PhD Thesis “Slow and fast light in multiple-beam interferometers, mono- and multi-layer systems”

Tesis Aida SánchezAida Sánchez Meroño succesfully defended her PhD Thesis entitled “Slow and fast light in multiple-beam interferometers, mono- and multi-layer systems” on March 26th, 2015. The thesis received the maximum mark (excellent Cum Laude). The jury was composed by Prof. Ignacio Esquivias, from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Prof. Juan Campos, from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Prof. Pedro Corredera, from CSIC, Prof. Beatriz Romero, from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, and Prof. Carlos R. Fernández-Pousa, from UMH.

The thesis  has been supervised by Prof. María del Mar Sánchez and Prof. Julia Arias.

The work deals with the theorethical and experimental study of various photonic systems for the generation of slow and fast light, with potential application in sensing and high resolution interferometry. The results have been published in four papers in journals of the first JCR quartile like Applied Physics Letters, IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics and Physical Review A.

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Venancio Calero and Cristian Santiago succesfully present their Final Degree Thesis

Photo SmallVenancio Calero and Cristian Santiago succesfully defended their final degree Thesis in Telecommunications Engineering and in Industrial Engienering respectively, both supervised by Ignacio Moreno.

Venancio completed a work entitled “Liquid crystal spatial light modulators with high phase modulation for controlling a laser deflector”, where he applied a LCoS device designed to operate with IR light to achieve large values of phase modulation with visible light. The picture shows Venancio and Ignacio at the end of the session.

Cristian  completed a work entitled “Realization of a Fourier transform optical processing system based on LCoS modulators”, where he built an optical image processor system and applied different optical techniques.

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