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New paper describing the Women in Light Sciences and Light Technologies Exhibition in RdF

rdfA new paper entitled Investigadoras en la luz y en las tecnologías de la luz (Women in Light Sciences and Light Technologies) has been published in the Revista Española de Física (Spanish Journal of Physics).

This paper describes the exhibition with the same name that was developed to commemorate the International Year of Light, describing the life and work of 12 women that made relevant contributions to the science of light.

This paper was written by Maria del Mar and Pascuala, in collaboration with Ana J. López-Díaz, from Universidade da Coruña, and Augusto Beléndez, from Universidad de Alicante.

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New paper in Applied Optics about a new optical encryption technique

ao2017A new paper has been published in Applied Optics entitled New key based on tilted lenses for optical encryption, that describes a novel concept based on tilted spherical lenses for optical encryption using Lohmann’s type I systems. An experiment is presented, considering a hybrid encryption/decryption process where the image is numerically encrypted but optically decrypted.

This work was developed by our friends at the University of Valencia and we contributed by developing a experimental system that demonstrates the procedure.


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New paper in European Journal of Physics about vortex beams with a TNLC-SLM

ejpWe published a new paper in European Journal of Physics entitled Vortex beam generation and other advanced optics experiments reproduced with a twisted-nematic liquid-crystal display with limited phase modulation.

In this work we propose the use of twisted-nematic liquid-crystal spatial light modulators (TN-LC-SLM) as a useful tool for training students in the manipulation of light beams with phase-only masks. In particular, we focus the work on the realization of phase-only gratings and phase-only spiral phases for the generation of vortex beams, beams carrying orbital angular momentum (OAM). We include different examples, including a optimal triplicator phase grating, and its combination with spiral phase patterns and lens functions to generate a variety of vortex beams.

The paper is included in a special section of the journal devoted to “Advanced Optics”, and it is the first publication from the PhD Thesis of Aarón Cofré.

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Ignacio Moreno awarded as 2017 OSA Fellow

osa-fellowIgnacio Moreno has been awarded as a new 2017 OSA Fellow Member. This distinction was awarded to 96 OSA members for their significant contributions to the advancement of optics and photonics. The selection of these candidates was confirmed by the Board of Directors at its meeting in October 2016.

Ignacio Moreno has been recognized for his achievements on the control over amplitude, phase, polarization and wavelength with diffractive optical elements encoded onto liquid crystal displays.

The complete list of new awarded Fellows can be found at: link

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New paper in JEOS-Rapid Pub with an optical system to characterize retarders in a wide spectral range

jeosWe published a new paper in Journal of the European Optical Society – Rapid Publications, entitled Optical system for measuring the spectral retardance function in a extended range.

Here we apply a well-known technique for determining the spectral retardance of different linear retarders by measuring the transmission spectra between crossed or parallel polarizers. The system we developed allows measurements in a wide spectral range covering the visible (VIS) and near infrared (NIR) spectrum in the range from 400 to 1600 nm.

This work was made in collaboration with our friend Asticio Vargas from UFRO (Chile), and it is the first paper of the PhD thesis of Abdelghafor Messaadi.

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New paper in JJAP demonstrating the parallel generation of different vector beams

jjapWe published a new paper in Japanese Journal of Applied Physics entitled Parallel generation of multiple first-order vector beams with a polarization grating and a q-plate device.

In this work we demonstrated the parallel generation of multiple vector beams by combining a polarization diffraction grating with a q-plate element.

This work was made with our friends at San Diego State University (US), and in collaboration with our colleagues at the Development Division of Citizen Holdings Co (Japan).

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TecnOpto selected as finalist of the Edmund Optics 2016 Educational Award

edu-16-sheildTecnOpto was selected as a finalist of the 2016 Educational Award of the company Edmund Optics.

The selection was made on the basis of a proposed project of building a programmable optical microscope with different Fourier transform filtering operations performed in real time from a computer with a LCoS display. This way we are able to reproduce classical and novel microscopy techniques without moving elements in the optical system.

The complete list of winners and finalists can be found in: link


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Ignacio Moreno attends the 6th Workshop LCP in Ljubljana

lcp-ljbljanaIgnacio Moreno attended the 6th International Workshop on Liquid Crystals for Photonics – WLCP2016, that was held in Ljubljana (Slovenia) from September 14th to 16th.

In this workshop he gave an invited talk entitled “Liquid-crystal spatial light modulator based optical ac¡architecture for the full polarization modulation – Application to encode optical polarization devices”.

The LCP workshop is always particularly friendly to attend, after our organization in 2010 in Elche.

The picture shows Ignacio with our friends Juan Campos and Angel Lizana, from Autonomous University of Barcelona, who also attended the conference.


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Asticio Vargas visits TecnOPTO Lab

Asticio VargasIn June 2016 we received the visit of our friend Dr. Asticio Vargas, from the Department of Physical Sciences, at Universidad de La Frontera, in Temuco, Chile.

Asticio stayed for three weeks in our lab, where we have been working hard on different projects related to Solc filters and polarization.

The picture shows from right to left Asticio, with Ignacio, and two of the current PhD students, Abdelghafor Messaddi, from Algeria, and  Aaron Cofré, also from Chile.

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New paper in Optics Letters about the production of non-diffracting vector beams

Vector beamsWe published a new paper in Optics Letters, entitled Nondiffracting vector beams where the charge and the polarization state vary with propagation distance. The paper appeared published in the OL issue of May 2016.

In this work we  generate nondiffracting vector beams where the charge and the polarization state vary with the propagation distance. We use reflective geometry where a parallel-aligned spatial light modulator is used to spatially modulate two orthogonal linear polarizations. We encode spiral phases with equal charge but with opposite signs onto the two polarization directions to encode a vector beam and add two axicon phases. Both the charge and the phase shift between the two axicons can be varied along the focus line.

This work has been done in collaboration with our friends at San Diego State University, and was designed during the recent visit of Ignacio Moreno to SDSU in February 2016.

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