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TecnOpto selected as finalist of the Edmund Optics 2016 Educational Award

edu-16-sheildTecnOpto was selected as a finalist of the 2016 Educational Award of the company Edmund Optics.

The selection was made on the basis of a proposed project of building a programmable optical microscope with different Fourier transform filtering operations performed in real time from a computer with a LCoS display. This way we are able to reproduce classical and novel microscopy techniques without moving elements in the optical system.

The complete list of winners and finalists can be found in: link


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María del Mar Sánchez participates at the II Workshop on Women in Engineering at University Rey Juan Carlos

Mujeres en IngenieríaOn May 18th 2016, María del Mar Sánchez participated in the II Workshop on Women in Science & Engineering, held at the Politechnical School of Experimental Sciences & Technology, at University Rey Juan Carlos (URJC), Madrid.

Organized by Prof. Beatriz Romero, from URJC, this workshop is intended to encourage women to follow a career in science or engineering.

María del Mar participated with the conference entitled “Women researchers in Light and in Light Technologies – Investigadoras en la luz y en las tecnologías de la luz”.


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TecnOPTO at the “Project of the Light” at the primary school CEIP El Palmeral of Elche

CEIP EL Palmeral ElcheOn May 12th we participated at the Project of the Light – El projecte de la Llum that were organized at the primary school CEIP El Palmeral, in Elche. During two days, the school was devoted to all kind of activities related to the light.

We contributed in various forms. We brought panels from the exhibition Light beyond the Bulb, that were exposed in the library. In addition we brought different experiments and demonstrations of different optical phenomena. We prepared some of the students in the sixth grade to help us, and they did a great job showing the experiment to other younger students. We also brought the Khet game to play laser chess at the school.



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Ignacio Moreno talks about Photonics at the XVII IEEE Spanish Student Branch Meeting



Ignacio Moreno gave the invited talk entitled “Photonic Technologies: Essential told for current engineering”, at the XVII IEEE Spanish Student Branch Meeting, held in UMH – Elche. This meeting is organized by the IEEE Student Branchs in Spain, and this year it has been organized by the UMH IEEE Student Branch in April 7th to 10th.

During his presentation, Ignacio talked about all the possibilities that Optics & Photonics offer in the different areas of modern engineering, from fiber optics in communications, lasers of industrial applications, LEDs sources for lighting, or biomedical optical applications.

The picture shows Ignacio with Jonatan Ramón, the president of the UMH Branch, at the end of the talk, with a gift given to the speaker.

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TecnOpto participates at FecitElx2016

Foto AjedrezWe participated at FecitElx 2016, the Science and Technology Fair of Elche, organized by our university. This is the second edition of this fair, and this year we contributed with three different events:

1) We showed again our demonstration workshop, where we made different experiments on optics. Kids and paterents enjoyed with us on Friday and Saturday morning at the Elche Congress Center.

2) We brought two exhibitions: Light beyond the bulb, and Women in Light Science and Light Technologies.

3) Finally, we organized a game of laser chess: the KHET tournement. In the picture you can see of the players.

It was a lot of fun!


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Prof. Juan Campos visits TecnOpto Lab and imparts a seminar on polarimetry

Juan CamposOur friend Prof. Juan Campos, from the Department of Physics at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) visited us on March 3rd and 4rth, 2016. Juan is the leader researcher in the national research projects we develop in collaboration.

Juan came to Elche to participate in the 3rd edition of the PhD Workshop of TECNIT – the Doctorate Program in Industrial & Telecommunications of UMH. He participated at the workshop by giving a talk entitled ADVANCES IN OPTICAL POLARIMETRY: DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS. This talk can be viewed at the above link.

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Ignacio Moreno writes about polarization of light in the FECYT educational unit devoted to light science

portada_unidad_d_luzIgnacio Moreno wrote the chapter entitled “Polarization of Light” in the didactic unit entitled Ciencia con Luz Propia: Aplicaciones Tecnológicas de la Luz (Science with its own Light: Technological Applications of Light).

This book has been published by FECYT – Fundación Española de Ciencia y Tecnología (Spanish Foundation for Science & Technology) and SM editorial, and can be free downloaded at the following link.

The book has been coordinated by Prof. José Antonio García, from the Department of Optics of the University of Granada, and it includes 10 chapters intended to provide tools about optics and light science for students at secondary schools, and promote the students’ interest in science and technology.



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Pascuala Garcia and Maria del Mar Sanchez with Jocelyn Bell at the University of Valencia

JBellPascuala Garcia and Maria del Mar Sanchez met Jocelyn Bell at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Valencia.

Dr. Bell, renown astrophysicist famous for the discovery of pulsars, was invited to Valencia to give a conference within the cycle of seminars of the Faculty of Physics. Dr. Bell was one of the women selected for the Exhibition Women in Light Science and Light Technology. This exhibition coordinated by Pascuala García, and with the participation of María del Mar Sánchez, has been developed by members of the Group of Women in Physics of RSEF –  Real Sociedad Española de Física, and from SEDOPTICA – Sociedad Española de Óptica.

The exhibition was inaugurated in September 2015 at the SEDOPTICA meeting XI Reunión Nacional de Óptica, held in Salamanca, and it has been exhibited at many different locations, including the University of Valencia, and the University Miguel Hernandez, where it can now be visited at the hall of the building Arenales, until April 11th, 2016.

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The “Room of Light” opens at the MUDIC museum of Orihuela

MudicA new area has been opened at the MUDIC – the museum of interactive science -, devoted to experiments on the science of light. This museum, located at the UMH campus of Orihuela, is intended to make science of interest for the general public, but mainly to young students, by means of interactive and funny experiences. This new area of the museum is named the “Room of Light” (la Sala de la Luz), and it covers a set of experiences with light and color.

The opening ceremony was organized at EPSO – Escuela Politécnica Superior de Orihuela on December 3th 2015. The event was cochaired by  Prof. Jesús Pastosr Ciurana, Rector of UMH, and D. Emilio Bascuñana, major of Orihuela. Ignacio Moreno presented the opening lecture “Optics & Photonics: MUDIC brings the science and technology of light”.  A video of this opening can be viewed at: Video link (in Spanish).

Ignacio Moreno has cooperated with the project as a scientific advisor, and has worked with Jesús Carnicer, the MUDIC pedagogical director, and Rocío Espinosa, one of the MUDIC monitors, in the design and developments of some of the modules.


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2016 Calendar on Women in Light Science and Light Technology

InvestigadorasThe 2016 calendar on Women in Light Science and Light Technology has been launched.

Coordinated by Pascuala Garcia and with the participation of Maria del Mar Sánchez, this calendar summarizes the Exhibition on Women in Light Science and Light Technology, developed with the support of SEDOPTICA, RSEF, and SPIE among others, in commemoration of the International Year of Light.

This exhibition promotes the visibility of 12 women who contributed significantly to the development of light science and technology. Each month is devoted to one of these famous researchers.

The calendar can be downloaded at: link

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