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New paper in Journal of Biomedical Optics about a polarization gating method

JBOA new paper has been published in Journal of Biomedical Optics entitled Polarization gating based on Mueller matrices.

This work has been developed at the Department of Physics of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, with the participation of Ignacio Moreno.

It demonstrates a polarization gating method based on the experimentally measured Mueller matrices. Polarization gating refers to a collection of imaging methods based on the combination of different controlled polarization channels. Here, first the Mueller matrix is characterized, and then employed to evaluate different polarization channels. The methodology is applied on different biological samples.


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New paper in Journal of Optics about Solc filters in a reflective geometry

JOpticsWe published a new paper in Journal of Optics entitled Solc filters in a reflective geometry. It presents the realization of  birefringent Solc type filter in a reflective geometry.

This geometry reduces by half the number of required retarders, ensures the same spectral retardance function in pairs of retarders. The key element is a quarter-wave Fresnel rhomb located in between the set of retarders and a mirror. We present two cases, one with multiple-order quartz retarders, and a second one that uses two liquid-crystal retarders, this last one being therefore tunable.

This is the second paper in the PhD Thesis of Abdelgahfour Messaaddi, and it has been done in collboration with our friend Asticio Vargas form Universidad de La Frontera , Temuco (Chile) and our friend Noureddine Bennis and his coworkers at the Military University of Technology, Warsaw (Poland).

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María del Mar Sánchez new President of RSEF – Local Section in Alicante

LOGO-RSEF-fullMaría del Mar Sánchez became the President of the Local Section in Alicante of RSEF – Real Sociedad Española de Física,

RSEF is the Royal Spanish Society of Physics. With more than 4000 members, it is organized in different thematic divisions and specialized groups, as well as in local sections. The Local Section of Alicante started few years ago, and María del Mar has been active as a member of the Board. Now a new board has been elected and she has become President of the local section. The main objectives of the new board is promoting Physics in our local area, through outreach activities and seminars, and to foster the collaboration with High Schools, including activities to attract girls to STEM.



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New paper describing the Women in Light Sciences and Light Technologies Exhibition in RdF

rdfA new paper entitled Investigadoras en la luz y en las tecnologías de la luz (Women in Light Sciences and Light Technologies) has been published in the Revista Española de Física (Spanish Journal of Physics).

This paper describes the exhibition with the same name that was developed to commemorate the International Year of Light, describing the life and work of 12 women that made relevant contributions to the science of light.

This paper was written by Maria del Mar and Pascuala, in collaboration with Ana J. López-Díaz, from Universidade da Coruña, and Augusto Beléndez, from Universidad de Alicante.

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New paper in Applied Optics about a new optical encryption technique

ao2017A new paper has been published in Applied Optics entitled New key based on tilted lenses for optical encryption, that describes a novel concept based on tilted spherical lenses for optical encryption using Lohmann’s type I systems. An experiment is presented, considering a hybrid encryption/decryption process where the image is numerically encrypted but optically decrypted.

This work was developed by our friends at the University of Valencia and we contributed by developing a experimental system that demonstrates the procedure.


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New paper in JJAP demonstrating the parallel generation of different vector beams

jjapWe published a new paper in Japanese Journal of Applied Physics entitled Parallel generation of multiple first-order vector beams with a polarization grating and a q-plate device.

In this work we demonstrated the parallel generation of multiple vector beams by combining a polarization diffraction grating with a q-plate element.

This work was made with our friends at San Diego State University (US), and in collaboration with our colleagues at the Development Division of Citizen Holdings Co (Japan).

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Asticio Vargas visits TecnOPTO Lab

Asticio VargasIn June 2016 we received the visit of our friend Dr. Asticio Vargas, from the Department of Physical Sciences, at Universidad de La Frontera, in Temuco, Chile.

Asticio stayed for three weeks in our lab, where we have been working hard on different projects related to Solc filters and polarization.

The picture shows from right to left Asticio, with Ignacio, and two of the current PhD students, Abdelghafor Messaddi, from Algeria, and  Aaron Cofré, also from Chile.

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New paper in Optics Letters with q-plates encoded onto a SLM to produce integer and fractional vector beams

ThumbnailWe published a new paper in Optics Letters entitled Generation of integer and fractional vector beams with q-plates encoded onto a spatial light modulator. The paper appeared published in the sixth issue of OL in 2016.

In this paper we generated programmable vector beams with arbitrary -plates encoded using a spatial light modulator system. Consequently, we have been able to analyze new and exotic -plate designs without the difficulty of fabricating individual plates. For instance, we showed experimental results for positive and negative integer and new fractional vector beam values.

For instance, the picture shows a fractional vector beam where the polarization changes linearly in three sectors along the polar coordinate in the plane traversal to the beam.

This work has been done during the stay of María M. Sanchez-López and Ignacio Moreno at SDSU during Summer 2015.

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Ignacio Moreno visits the Department of Physics at SDSU

With Jeff and NobuyukiIgnacio Moreno made a short one week visit to our friends at San Diego State University (SDSU) in February 2016. During this short visit he could discuss the collaboration continuation with Prof. Jeffrey Davis and his team at the Department of Physics.

We also had the opportunity to have a visit from Prof. Nobuyuki Hashimoto, and Ayano Tanabe, from the Development Division of Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd, in Saitama, Japan. Prof. Hashimoto provided us with a prototype q-plate liquid crystal device that we have been using on our last common works on the generation and manipulation of vector beams. The picture shows us, Jeff, Nobuyuki and Ignacio, at the SDSU campus.

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Prof. Juan Campos visits TecnOpto Lab and imparts a seminar on polarimetry

Juan CamposOur friend Prof. Juan Campos, from the Department of Physics at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) visited us on March 3rd and 4rth, 2016. Juan is the leader researcher in the national research projects we develop in collaboration.

Juan came to Elche to participate in the 3rd edition of the PhD Workshop of TECNIT – the Doctorate Program in Industrial & Telecommunications of UMH. He participated at the workshop by giving a talk entitled ADVANCES IN OPTICAL POLARIMETRY: DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS. This talk can be viewed at the above link.

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